Friday, May 13, 2016

Noosa Art Award 2016

'Greenbelt - Connectivity Conservation' ©2016 Nicola Moss. Watercolour, synthetic polymer paint, gouache, ink, coloured pencil and graphite on Arches 300gsm paper, 145 x 101cm. Courtesy of the artist and SGAR. Photographed by Carl Warner.

Greenbelt – Connectivity Conservation is on show in the Noosa Art Award finalists exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery from 6 May until 26 June 2016.

‘Greenbelt’ reflects on the value of Australia’s coastal and hinterland environments. These are desirable locales for living, for both people and other life. It is estimated around 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast.  These complex and often high biodiversity regions become patch-worked through development, conservation and cultural use, stretching networks of subtle and fragile relationships.
Habitat seen as lines drawn on a map can seem absurd in the context of wildlife movement. The National Wildlife Corridors Plan is a long term strategy to restore and manage ecological connections. It recognises that connectivity is a fundamental requirement of healthy landscapes. My work suggests there are also less tangible benefits to community in a sense of well-being we gain from nature.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Installation images of City and Nature

'City and Nature' ©2016 Nicola Moss. Courtesy of the artist and SGAR. Images courtesy of BCM.
I enjoyed seeing Danielle curate work for City and Nature, in a space which isn't the traditional white box. Above are a few images of the install at BCM Crucible Gallery, with my Synergy canopy work transformed to a 'living wall'.

City and Nature is curated by Danielle Harvey, the current recipient of BCM and artisan's Emerging Curator Mentorship. This exhibition brings together paper cut and sculptural works from my recent series Synergy (2015) and City and Nature (2015). On show at BCM Crucible Gallery from 7th April to 18th May 2016. Viewing by appointment.

Danielle has written a thoughtful curatorial essay to accompany the exhibition, this is an excerpt -

" Nicola’s City and Nature series stems from her travels in Japan and an artist residency at Grafton Regional Art Gallery, in which she continued to examine conceptual ideas of nature’s role in constructing city identities. While art, architecture and culture continually renew a city’s identity, city trees also have the power to contribute to a community’s sense of identity. Trees and plants are often used in cities as memorials, as living museums in botanical gardens, and as city emblems – some even becoming national symbols like the famous Japanese cherry blossom. City and Nature responds to the curated ecology of cities and the interconnection between nature and the city, reminding us that nature is just as important to a city’s identity as the buildings that occupy it. Different species can be found between layers of everyday objects in these works as a reference to nature’s need to adapt to changing cityscapes as a result of urban development."

The full curatorial essay can be read online at the artisan blog.
Thanks to Danielle, BCM and artisan for their support.

Friday, April 1, 2016

City and Nature at BCM Crucible Gallery

'Araucaria' ©2016 Nicola Moss. Paper mache, plastic straws, masking tape, modelling paste, synthetic polymer paint, wax and natural ochre.    45 x 35 x 28cm.  Courtesy of the artist and SGAR.

In February I was delighted to receive an email from Danielle Harvey inviting me to exhibit at BCM Crucible Gallery, as part of The Emerging Curator program.

In 2011, artisan formed a partnership with BCM which involves the curation of a number of exhibitions in the Crucible Gallery space within the BCM office to showcase the best of Queensland craft and design artists as part of an Emerging Curator mentorship.
The Emerging Curator program develops the talents of an emerging arts curator under the guidance of the artisan team, and the program was recognised in the 2012 Australia Council's Young and Emerging Artists category of the AbaF Queensland Awards. The artisan/BCM partnership is helping to develop future arts leaders, support Queensland's craft and design community, and also provides exhibition opportunities for Queensland's talented artists.

Danielle has curated 'City and Nature' with a selection of my hand cut paper works, installation and recent paper mache sculpture. City and Nature is on show from 8th April to 18th May 2016.

My sincere thanks to artisan and BCM for supporting this program and exhibition.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Search for Balance

'Lines Drawn - End of the Road and Hoop Pine Country' ©2009 Nicola Moss.

This is my 400th blog post on Layers of Life. Where did the last seven years go?

As I contemplate all the amazing experiences, places, and people I have met over these years, it was with interest that I came across an article written by my good friend and fellow artist - Susan Buret, in 2009 for what was then my first exhibition of work from the Greenbelt Project. Seven years on the sentiments ring true as ever, and Hoop Pines continue to feature regularly in my artwork.

Thanks for visiting Layers of Life over the years, contributing your comments and having a read. I'm not sure what's in store for the new year - 2016, I'll keep you posted.


Power vs. Vulnerability. A SEARCH FOR BALANCE.

Many artists use new media when they move on to a new body of work. Greenbelt is Nicola Moss’s first exhibition that includes photographic works. However, what appears at first glance to be a new body of work is a richer and more considered exploration of the ideas and observations that have formed the basis of Moss’s work for several years. Images contrast speedy destruction with slow and laborious regeneration. Silhouettes and ghost maps hint at species, vegetation and open space lost to urban sprawl.

These works are the result of meticulous research and serial observation that characterises Moss’s practice. Moss invites us to consider how local authorities deal with the inevitable development that comes with the increase in population as urbanisation spreads to become a ribbon along the coast and hinterlands of Australia. What happens to those small pockets of endangered environments that fall outside of the smooth and apparently random contours traced by the planner’s pen when greenbelt areas are delineated? Why do we choose some areas, left derelict by development, for regeneration? What are the criteria for inclusion or exclusion?

Moss’s work is quietly beautiful and not overtly judgemental. There is no anger, no strident call to arms or disdainful didacticism. The subtle images and thoughtfully documented observations have the potential to engage on many levels, offering the viewer the chance to contemplate or become more actively involved in the discussion and debate about land use.  

Susan Buret. 2009

Friday, December 18, 2015

Mater Private Hospital Springfield - Recent Commission

'Community Life' ©2015 Nicola Moss. Hand cut papers and synthetic polymer paint, each 140 x 90cm.  Courtesy of the artist and SGAR.

Community Life was recently installed in the new Mater Private Hospital Springfield. Featured in the reception area, these hand cut paper works bring together connections of community and environment in Springfield. I envisioned the works reflecting a sanctuary of calm sensory experience; with water and vegetation silhouettes connected in orbs of life, memory and spirit.

This commission was developed in conjunction with
iAM Projects.

Monday, December 14, 2015

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Lisa Woolfe, winner of the mailing list subscribers December Gift Giveaway. A hard cover copy of my Brisbane Botanic Gardens Residency book - Layers of Life is on the way in the mail.

Lisa received a residency at Grafton Regional Gallery this year, you can check out Lisa's expanded drawing practice on her blog.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mailing List - Gift Giveaway

Have you considered joining my mailing list? Now may be a good time; with my November Art Update I have a small Gift Giveaway draw for subscribers.
To thank subscribers for their support, each is in the draw for a chance to receive a gift of a hard cover copy of my Brisbane Botanic Gardens Artist in Residence book - Layers of Life.
The book documents seasonal highlights from the Australian Plant communities at Mt.Coot-tha, Brisbane, March to November, along with images of artworks I exhibited at the end of year exhibition 'Family Tree' in 2009.

One winner will be drawn randomly on Monday 14th December 2015 and I'll be in touch to get the book in the mail. Cut off for entry is midnight Sunday 13th December 2015 (Australian ESDT)
If you would like to join my mailing list and be in the draw, you can do so at this link -
Best wishes.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A new home - Priority species-Moreton Bay

'Priority species - Moreton Bay' ©2013 Nicola Moss. Hand cut paper and synthetic polymer paint, 141cm diameter.  Courtesy of the artist and SGAR.

Jupiters Hotel and Casino Gold Coast celebrates its 30th anniversary this November. I was delighted to have my artworks acquired for their collection, with the mandala paper cut Priority species - Moreton Bay installed as part of refurbishment of two penthouses.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cult GC article

'Synergy - Radiance' ©2015 Nicola Moss. Hand cut papers, synthetic polymer paint, pigmented ink. 65 x 88cm.  Courtesy of the artist and SGAR.

The CULT GC blog has a lovely article this week about my exhibition Synergy. CULT GC is written by Ashleigh Wadman as a platform to showcase talent in the region. Ashleigh is utterly passionate about supporting and nurturing artists, art collectives, art spaces, galleries, museums and cultural events and fostering innovative and academic dialogue around them.

The article begins with.... "Synergy, the latest solo exhibition by Gold Coast based artist Nicola Moss, is a well-conceived installation that embodies the symbiosis between man-made and natural forces. In Moss’ hands the Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR) have been transformed from a Spring Hill art gallery into an immersive and sensory environment that evokes harmony between the natural environment and our human dependence on them."

You can read the full article here. Thank you Ashleigh.