Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Silvery Lichen Ruffles

Each month as part of my artist residency at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt.Coot-tha, I take a walk around the Australian Plant Communities area to see what seasonal changes have occurred. I have found it interesting that my eye is often drawn to different plants or areas each time. Apart from the obvious changes of flower, fruiting, leaf fall and new growth; I think changing light throughout the year also draws attention to different species. In July, lichen smothering palm trunks appeared luminous in a silvery sheen of ruffled rosettes and patches.

1 comment:

  1. love lichen! I think it's the ruffle, rosette thing with me, frilly nilly! I've tried in the past to mix these colours with paint. I don't seem to get the exact shade, I've also tried to dye some wool this colour with no success using leaves trying to get these earthy colours. lots of trial and error Candyxx