Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seed Collection - Redlands

Today I joined a volunteer seed collection group for the Redlands Community Bushcare Program. We met at Days Road Conservation Reserve an area of open eucalypt forest rich in diversity. Eucalyptus seed was our main target for the morning, which meant we got to see the large string sling shot put into action.
The sling shot being prepared.

Angophora seed, one of the species being collected.

There is a vast reserve of knowledge held within the members of a group like this, botanical names are passed around, reference pages and books consulted until the species is clearly identified.

Identification and collection.

A tiny ground lichen with bright red bracts.

The reserve has a large range of ground covers, grasses and native herbaceous plants. I must admit I tend to overlook many of these small ground hugging plants, mainly because I know so little about them. Today was great with many identified by members of the group, one of the benefits of exploring an area with so many active eyes; characteristics such as scent, petal formation and leaf structure were discussed. Towards the end of the walk we passed through an area densely occupied with grass trees. Towering spikes of mature seed were collected and with reference to the book, Mangroves to Mountains, and some analysis of cut leaf profile, a couple of different species were identified.
I am loving these site visits, particularly in the company of bushcare groups where knowledge is shared freely and willingly. Thanks for a great morning.
Beautiful grass trees at Days Road Conservation Reserve.

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  1. The silhouette shot of Angophora, very graphic and stylized shapes, a painting idea perhaps?

    Thank you for your list Nicola. I like your chooks' names, I used to have 2 dogs whose names are Salt and Pepper! Must have been a gorgeous sunrise at Mt. Everest.