Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Artwork - On the Ground - Identify, collect, propagate.

Nicola Moss, 'On the Ground - Identify, collect, propagate'. (Detail) Acrylic, pigmented ink, graphite, laser print, assorted papers on plywood panels. ©2010.

It's that busy time now, a couple of month out from the deadline for works to be completed for my upcoming solo exhibition at Redland Art Gallery. Visiting conservation sites in Redlands and joining in Bushcare activities has been a great experience and an enormous source for inspiration. I could easily spend a couple of years on this project, and no doubt will continue to work in this area for some time after the exhibition. But working with the time frame I have, artworks for Plant-Life will focus on a few central themes that have developed.
'On the Ground - Identify, collect, propagate', is a work inspired by an outing to Days Road Conservation Area with the Redlands Bushcare Seed Collection group of volunteers and staff. Like many of these areas the landscape at Days Road is densely layered in a connected ecology of diverse species. My attention was drawn closely to the smaller ground-covering native flora of the site and the graphic forms of eucalypt seed pods we were collecting.

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