Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eastern Escarpment - creek level

The more challenging route up creek.

Seeds on the trunk of a Sandpaper Fig.

Towering, majestic Tallow wood trees.

(Seed collecting at Mount Cotton Eastern escarpment continued.) I found the environment at creek level quite magical; just a short distance off the road a dense canopy of palms, trees and a lone Blue Quandong enveloped the surrounds of upper Eprapah creek. Fungi and lichen smothered trunks in patches of silver and lime green. Large piles of palm fronds and debris assembled dam like constructions after recent heavy rain. Higher up above the creek banks were Crows nest ferns, native ginger and tree ferns. A stand of magnificent Tallow wood trees in close proximity had a few of us dreaming about the perfect tree house, multi level platforms reaching into the canopy with creek views below. On a more serious note we collected seed from several rainforest species to be propagated. It was a great morning in a wonderful setting.

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  1. The green seeds has a nice color. Lovely pictures Nicola, the last one has great lighting, it lit up the creek beautifully.