Thursday, March 4, 2010

New work

Nicola Moss, ‘Silhouettes of Redlands, Regeneration - After the Fire - Bracken Fern’. Acrylic on stretched 12oz. cotton canvas. 60x60cm. ©2010.

The last week of rain has made site visits to Redlands a little difficult if not impossible. With local flooding and constant days of rain, I have had some quality time to focus on painting works for my upcoming exhibition at Redland Art Gallery. I am making a series of small canvases inspired by the silhouettes of plants I have observed in various conservation areas in Redlands. There are often connections associated with these plants and how they fit into a local ecology. I hope to make a large collection of works that together can be read as a landscape of connected species.


  1. Beautiful colors here Nicola, very dramatic, a nice contrast with the delicate white lines. Looking forward to see the rest.

  2. Hi Novi,
    Thank you for your lovely comments.