Monday, March 29, 2010

Seed collection - Eastern Escarpment - Redlands

Leptospermum polygalyfolium - Wild May, Tea-tree.
Seed ready for collection. No more than a quarter of the seed on a plant is collected.

Acacia perangusta - Eprapah Wattle

Hybanthus stellarioides - Orange Spade flower

Tree canopy of the escarpment.
Last week I joined the Redlands Bushcare Seed Collection group at the Eastern escarpment of Mount Cotton, where we walked in some of the highest area within Redlands. We collected seed from several species, spotting many flowering ground covers, fungi, orchids and butterflies along the way. Eprapah wattle was pointed out to me, this is a rare species of acacia found within Redlands city and a few other areas in Queensland. It has an arching crooked branch form which I am going to enjoy painting. There is so much to see on these outings, knowledge is shared amongst volunteers and council staff, making for a great learning experience. On reaching the escarpment heights we headed back to the road and after a steep decent had a look at the rainforest species at creek level. It was amazing to see the change of species evident in a small distance. Check out my next post for images.

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