Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bushcare Birders - Redlands

This month I joined the Redlands Bushcare Birders group at Wallaby Creek Bushland Refuge. We walked through beautiful mixed woodland of ironbarks, spotted gum, acacias and various eucalypt on a circuit trail that took us to the edge of Tingalpa and Wallaby creeks. We watched many birds in the leafy canopies, including Yellow-faced honeyeaters, Grey fantails, Varied sittella and Rufous fantail. It was quite a show with constant darting between trees, some birds worked along tree trunks and branches; but all too fast for my camera to capture.
The creek edge presented a peaceful, lush setting with early morning light sparkling on the mirror like surface. Two cormorants were spotted up creek and a large sea eagle nest that appeared vacant this season.
It was a beautiful morning and location, I must admit I enjoy these trips for seeing the variety of vegetation as much as the birds. Thank you Boyd for sharing your wonderful knowledge of birds, their calls and habits.

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