Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paper work installation

I have been making a series of papercut works that will form an installation titled 'co-existence'. I am trying to capture the deeply layered environments I have been visiting. There are the dominant, upfront species I see immediately - the trees - giant scribbly gums or textured casuarinas. Then I often notice the variety of grasses, ground covers and smaller flowering plants. As I look longer there are often fungi, butterflies and other insects. Movement and sound draws attention to a variety of bird species, on occasions a water dragon, and often at this time of year, dragonflies, damselfly and grasshoppers. These sightings can all occur within a few square metres of bushland refuge. The more I look the more there is to see.
My installation is made with various paper cut panels depicting flora and fauna species. Some wall mounted others hanging as veils overlapping with opaque and transparent material. I envisage as I walk in front of this work separate elements will be revealed and concealed. Overlapping will create shadows and broken surface, I hope it will capture a sense of the connected web of life within environments.
Now I just have to finish the work. Images of the completed installation will be posted in July.


  1. It looks WONDERFUL. Is it for the Redlands show?

  2. Thanks Susan, Yes it will be on show at Redland Art gallery during my exhibition.

  3. I'm loving this intriguing work Nicola...the complexity of it is actually quite awe inspiring.
    Best wishes with the process ... though I have no doubt it will look sensational.
    I felt I was there in the bush as you described it!
    Lovely to hear from you Nicola,

  4. Hi Nicola,
    Your papercut works are so effective! I think the shadows they cast will add another beautiful layer. I can just imagine the state of meditation you would encounter while working on these delicate and intricate pieces.
    As usual, I am looking forward to seeing them in person. Best wishes :)

  5. Very graphic style Nicola, I am drawn to this somehow, I can feel the living energy embedded in it. Very nice details, beautiful work.

  6. Hi Sophie,
    Thank you for your lovely comments. Glad you liked the description, hopefully I can Capture some of the feeling.

    Hi Rachael,
    Lovely to hear from you, hopefully catch up again soon.

  7. Hi Novi,
    Thank you for visiting and your lovely comments. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather and bounty of new season flowers.