Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sea grass watch - Ormiston - Redlands

Views into Raby Bay.

50metre tape.

In the thick of it.

Sea Grass.

Some inhabitants (dancing crabs).

Today I joined a group at Ormiston to carry out sea grass watch activities. I was told this would be a muddy site, but perhaps I hadn't quite prepared myself for this. We moved out past the mangrove line to a marker where we ran a 50 metre tape to work along. It was very interesting to see the variety and volume of life forms occupying the shallow waters and mounds of mud in the flats. At 5 metre intervals details of the seagrass vegetation and life forms were noted. I saw lots of different tiny crabs, hermit crabs, sea snails, whelks, clams and unidentified moving shell creatures. The last image of tiny crabs with white claws were in large numbers on some of the raised mud flats. I watched them draw their claws in to their bodies and then throw them out wide, repeating this activity, I thought of them as dancing.
In areas seagrass was shooting new growth, in others were signs of eating, possibly by sea turtles. There were no unpleasant smells which you might think would accompany an area like this. Just a myriad of life, which I wouldn't normally see. This makes the squelching mud that finds a way of coating everything worth the venture.
Thank you Dianne for leading us on a fun adventure.


  1. You're very welcome Nicloa. :-)

    I have updated my website and will be monitoring the sandy - not muddy!!!! - sites at Ormiston next Wednesday & Thursday afternoon.

  2. I can smell that delicious salty tang.

  3. Muddy! looks like fun and plenty of laughs Nicola! Not being prepared is definately what the last few days have been like here in Tassie. I have had to go out and buy thermals and lots of winter coats, wellington boots socks etc for the family. It's so cold when we travel up into the highlands away from the city. Looks like you could have done with a pair of wellies too. Candyxx