Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Joining dots .....

Nicola Moss, 'No Return Address - Migration to South-east Queensland'. Acrylic on canvas. ©2010. Photography by Carl Warner.
I have been thinking about the process of how my artworks develop and find it is often a case of joining dots. I spend time visiting sites, observing environments and the multitude of species that make them up. On some outings I join bushcare groups and environmental education staff who each have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I listen to the news, research, google and interact in conversations of everyday life. Each of these provides a mass of stimulus, information, data, opinions to be stored and sifted through, in my head, at times subconsciously, until an idea of connected thoughts forms.
'No Return Address - Migration to South-east Queensland' began with a visit to Egret Colony Wetlands at Victoria Point. Amongst the lush vegetation I saw one Egret, the area was dominated by Australian White Ibis. A month later at Bushcare Birders a volunteer was discussing migration of ibis from out west to the coast each year. In recent times some ibis have taken up permanent residence on the coast, not returning west. With much recent discussion and debate in the media about population growth and migration to South-east Queensland, I saw some interesting connections, a metaphor perhaps.


  1. cool! looks almost like japanese paper!

  2. Hi Nicola I often think lushious, exotic wallpaper when I see your work. And this work again brought up those ideas in my head. And again it was cemented when this evening I watched "collectors" and saw a segment on Florence Broadhurst do you know her work. Beautiful work Nicola! Candyxx