Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seed collection - Redlands

Pultenaea sp.

Gahnia aspera Saw Sedge

It was a lovely day for joining the Redlands Bushcare Seed Collecting volunteer group at Summit Street Reserve. We walked through a wide range of vegetation from more open woodland to grass carpeted creek edge environments. With recent rain, foliage sparkled in the clear winter light, moss covered fallen tree trunks and spongy lichens were seen in patches of more open ground. There are a range of delicate native flowers on display, from small heath plants such as the Pultenaea and Hibbertia aspera to the spiny Bursaria spinosa. Seed was collected from a number of species including Saw Sedge which proliferated near creek edges. As usual much knowledge was exchanged between education officers and volunteers, Thanks for a great morning.

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