Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Nicola Moss, Co-existence. Synthetic polymer on paper cut. 110 x 260cm approx. ©2010.

I popped into Redland Art Gallery today to take some photographs of the Plant-Life exhibition. I'd had the paper cut installation work Co-existence on my studio wall at home for a few weeks before the exhibition opened. It was somewhere I could position the various layers and decide on the layout. Unfortunately the wall space available for this set out was paint splattered and pin holed, making the taking of reasonable photos of the work impossible.

Co-existence reflects on many visits to conservation areas in Redlands, the striking features of vegetation and an overall sense of the deeply layered nature of these places. On several walks I have found that with each step a fresh panorama of the landscape appears, as some elements become concealed others are revealed. Outings with Redlands Bushcare Birders brought up discussion on the idea of ecological niche, where many different species of bird can occupy the same geographical space because they feed on different plants and insects. My work responds on several levels to these layered connections within environments.


  1. That looks fabulous Nicola - Anne and I will go to the Redlands Gallery on the weekend for a look!

  2. Thanks Tom. Redland Art Gallery is closed on Saturdays and open on Sundays.