Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flourish - Woolloongabba

The Woolloongabba Urban Centre Project where I installed my public artwork 'Flourish' is now open to the public. Centred around the heritage sub station at the end of Logan Road, Woolloongabba, the artwork combines concepts of ebb and flow, motifs of new growth symbolic of an emerging community; and foliage patterns reflecting historical references and plants in this new community park. Sandblasted concrete creates the artwork on a terrace surface in front of the substation, one element has also been incorporated in laser cut seatbacks in the park.
This public art commission for Brisbane City Council was an exciting project to work on, as well as a large and rewarding learning experience. Thank you to The Urban Design team at BCC and Urban Fountains and Furniture for your support during the project.


  1. Congrats Nicola!
    this looks excellent ... something people are sure to appreciate for the atmosphere it will bring to the location.
    Such a huge process I can imagine behind this public art work.
    That in itself is something to be very proud of!
    Lovely to see you before and wishing you a really wonderful experience at Redlands... looking forward to seeing the show after all your research and exploration of the habitat!!

  2. Looking wonderful. Hope to see it in September.

  3. You sure have taken on some large projects this year, Nicola. Congratulations!What a challenge, learning curve, and excellent experience.Skills u will draw on for your entire career. Don't forget to breath! All the best for Plant Life. Candyxx

  4. It's wonderful Nicola! Such great work for all to see and enjoy, I can feel the energy of fresh new beginnings in this. I especially like how the laser cut motifs seem to appear on the seat backs, their incomplete patterns made them look like they're growing, very clever. Congratulations!

  5. Hi Sophie, Mum, Candice and Novi,
    Thank you all for your lovely comments, I appreciate your thoughts and support enormously.

  6. It looks wonderful Nicola, like a beautiful carpet.