Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back in the garden

Yesterday afternoon I was back in the garden catching up on pruning and mulching. The pomegranate tree needed a good prune, removing mummified fruit and some die back on branches, trimming thorns so I can pick fruit without being jabbed. Then onto the peach trees, which I was drastic with, removing about 80% in height. I planted two tropical low chill varieties which have grown abundant crops of superbly sweet fruit over the years. I wish I had realised how large these trees like to grow though and bought them on dwarfing root stock instead. Trying to net or bag fruit on these trees against fruit fly is possible but much easier if the branches remain within reasonable reach. So the trees are now back to chest height and I look forward to a small but edible crop. In the vegie garden I picked the first savoy cabbage for this season, just love the rippled leaves of this variety. Cooked last night as a braise with bacon, garlic, rosemary and fresh snap peas, it certainly tasted good.

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  1. Hi Nicola my mouth is watering.I enjoyed seeing your wonderful papercut work.The days are beautiful this time of year for getting out and digging in the garden.Take care Candyxx