Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Melbourne Art Fair 2010

Last week I headed to Melbourne to check out the Art Fair at the Royal Exhibition Building. I met up with my friend and fellow artist Susan Buret for what turned out to be a full day of art viewing. A weighty catalogue available on entry to the show gave an indication of the volume of art we were about to see. I found it very interesting to look at the way various galleries handled showing art in their booth spaces. Some galleries opted for solo artist shows, such as Gemma Smith at Sarah Cottier Gallery. This gave a very coherant apperance, but also put all the eggs in one basket so to speak. Gemma's transparent prism sculptures sparkled vibrant colour and looked amazing. Many galleries opted for a salon style hang, with some works from each of their represented artists. This worked in some cases better than others. In between were gallery spaces that featured three or four artists. Dianne Tanzer Gallery and Projects was in my eyes the stand out show at the fair. They featured works by Juan Ford, Charles Robb and Natalie Ryan. Space was allocated sufficiently to allow each artists work to shine and at the same time present a polished coherant show. Natalie Ryans floor sculpture featuring drought ravaged calves was particularly poingant.
Brisbane galleries were well represented at the art fair this year including - Bruce Heiser Gallery, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Fireworks Gallery, Jan Murphy Gallery and Ryan Renshaw Gallery.

I saw some works in the flesh by Sally Smart at Greenaway Art Gallery and Linde Ivimey at Martin Browne Fine Art which I loved. The Art Fair had it all, great, good, average and ..... overall I had a great day and enjoyed the show a lot. Thanks for your company Susan.

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  1. My pleasure Nicola.It was great to have another artist to share the experience.