Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seed Collection - Kidd Street Conservation Reserve

Kidd Street Reserve, Redland Bay

Flowering Xanthorrhoea sp., Grass Tree

Lomandra sp. flower

Petrophile canescens, Conesticks

Comb Fern

Today I joined the Redland Bushcare Seed Collection group on a visit to Kidd Street Conservation Reserve. The spectacular sight of flowering Xanthorrhoea (grass trees) was the first thing I noticed heading to the reserve entrance. Kidd Street Reserve is a fairly recent acquisition for Redland City and a site not previously visited by the seed collection group. Timing was ideal for a wonderful display of many wildflowers and plenty of ripe seed for collection.

Areas varied on our walk from towering blackbutt and dense grass trees, to casuarina groves with little sundews and ferns dotting the understory. Patches of gnarled banksia were in bloom with luminous golden orange flowers and a few conestick plants were spotted. I love the foliage form of these plants, and being of the Proteaceae family, this liking re-enforces my aesthetic inclination towards plants of this family.
It was a very enjoyable morning of bushwalking, learning a little more about native flora, watching a Whistling Kite circling overhead and for the Indigiscapes team, identification of a couple of species not on the current plant list for the area.


  1. Wow. Xanthorrohea in habitat. I have a small plant growing in Florida. In fifty years it'll be that size. I've always been fascinated by this genus.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day. The photos look wonderful.