Saturday, September 18, 2010

Swell Sculpture Festival 2010

Mimi Dennett 'The Picnic is Over'

Chi Phan 'Did you lose your way?'

Pamela Lee Brenner 'Step Lightly'

Shelly Kelly 'RedDer'

I headed down to Pacific Parade, Currumbin Beach today, with my family to check out the 2010 Swell Sculpture Festival. As I have found in previous years, there is a wonderful mix of sculpture works, some funny and light hearted, others with a message. A small selection of images above from the 56 works selected for exhibition.

I was drawn to Mimi Dennett's work, The Picnic is Over. Her statement in the festival program reads - " A giant stuffed picnic blanket fish skeleton swimming in a perspex tank. The remains of our feeding frenzy on the seemingly never ending fish stocks. No longer the intact shark of Damien Hirsts's vision, the fish in the tank has become a skeleton. Proof that the picnic is over. Humanity has been on one long, joyous, apocalyptic picnic." The choice of materials, referencing of contemporary art and ecological theme appealed to me.

Swell Sculpture Festival ends tommorrow, 19th September, if you have a chance to visit, it's well worth checking out.

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