Friday, September 3, 2010

The weather project - artist collaboration

Nicola Moss, Weather Relations - Blow dry. Fujifilm photographs and glassine paper cut. 61 x 60cm. ©2010.

I recently completed works for an upcoming group exhibition - Nice Day! - that will be on show at Logan Art Gallery in early 2011. The exhibition has developed from a project based on weather and our day to day interaction with it. The weather project began in 2008 with a collaborative observation of weather between artists Susan Buret, Uta Heidelauf, Candice Herne and myself; and continues with artists Sandra Landolt and Jen Conde joining the group.

I have found the process of working on a group/collaborative project very interesting. Each artist has responded to the subject of weather in a personal way that captures their unique style of working and interests, while at the same time stretching their practice. The weather project appealed to me because I felt, at its most basic level, observing weather is a way people relate to nature, and or their surrounding environment. I have found during conversation, observation of weather is something often occurring in the subconscious part of our minds. It is there around us always, we have opinions about it even when we may not have consciously considered it.

My works bring together photographic images of skies with seasonal occurrence in flora and everyday activity. Details of plant, clothes line and lawn mower are cut as silhouettes in broad sky and grass palettes. For me these connections signify weather of a particular season, and not just the traditional spring, summer, autumn, winter. There are shorter, less obvious seasons like the few weeks in autumn when air is still warm but the daylight shortening, a time when some migrating birds head north and those from further south arrive.

Nice Day! Opens at Logan Art Gallery on Wednesday 12th January and continues to Saturday 19th February 2011. I look forward to seeing you at this exciting show if you can make it.

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  1. Oh! my oh my Nicola. nice work. Nice day has been such a in depth project to work on. One that instigated and triggered alot of thought,and creativity. A catalyst. I am very proud to be apart of the show, after 2 years in the process. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's work presented. It's going to be a cracker of a show.