Monday, September 27, 2010

Work in progress

Nicola Moss, 'Moonlit wanderings of a jewelled trail'. (Detail) Acrylic on canvas. ©2010.
I have been working on a couple of paintings in response to a recent seed collection outing to Russell Island, Redlands. I would like to capture the sense of overwhelming life exuberance I felt when amongst the glorious profusion of coastal heath at Turtle Swamp Wetlands. This 'trail' felt very much like a treasure trove, vegetation densely layered in a multitude of texture, form , flower and colour, enclosed us once we entered the open heath, like another world. I think I could spend the next six months at this site alone and not run out of fresh inspiration. At the moment one days walk is what I have to work with, memories of sensations experienced, the touch of textures, the feeling of steps into an unknown and the visual overload. Capturing senses in the layers of paint is the challenge of this piece.
This is the canvas featured in my earlier post ...starting.

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