Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creek Crew - Redlands

I joined the Redlands Bushcare Creek Crew group today for water monitoring activities at Tingalpa and Coolnwynpin creeks. We also had some time at Indigiscapes for macro invertebrate identification, which was lots of fun, (if you like looking at tiny water bugs). We were joined by Janine from South-east Queensland Waterways, who pointed out some creatures in our netted samples, and helped us learn a bit more about the interesting creatures that call these creeks home.
Most interesting for me was seeing some Caddisfly, which Janine explained we may spot if we watched to see if any small twigs moved of their own accord, and they did, once we had our eye in we found a few of them. These animals make their home in a piece of twig or by sticking tiny stones to their outside, building a home around them which they move around as they go. They are sludge eaters and are very sensitive to water quality. Finding them today gives an indication that water conditions must be fairly good.
We also saw water mites of various sizes (they look like black, green or red specks) moving in galaxy like orbits of the water tray; red worms, little unidentified fish and a couple of water spiders.

Thanks to Kylie and Janine for sharing your knowledge with us today.

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