Sunday, October 17, 2010

New works on show in Sydney

Nicola Moss, 'Searching for Sanctuary'. Synthetic polymer on paper cut. Archival framing.©2010.
'Searching for Sanctuary' is one of my recent works currently on show at Fellia Melas Gallery in Sydney. Also known as Woollahra Times Art, the recently renovated gallery now has additional space upstairs. I showed works with Fellia several years ago and am delighted to do so again.
If you have an opportunity while in Sydney, take a look at 2 Moncur Street.


  1. Congratulations Nicola. Great to see your work in Sydney.

  2. Congratulations Nicola, love the little surprises we discover in your papercuts as we look more closely.

  3. Hi Nicola,
    Well done. You have been busy. It is interesting to see how your work is evolving. Your paintings continue to have a very atmospheric quality, which is you can smell the leaves, the air etc.
    Good luck,