Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seed collection - North Stradbroke Island

Coastal sand dune habitat.


Brown Lake.

There are days when I love my job and last Thursday was one of those. I joined the Redlands Bushcare Seed Collection group on an outing to North Stradbroke Island. We caught the ferry from Cleveland, with blue skies and brilliant sunshine, heading through Moreton Bay Marine Park. During the crossing the ferry slowed to allow a small whale to pass by.
We started our seed collection walk along the Eastern coast of the Island with surf from the South Pacific Ocean pounding onto pale sand, not hard to enjoy. Then over the dunes edge to find a wide variety of coastal plants, many in seed, and collection began. Vegetation gradually increased in scale as we moved away from the waterline. From ground covers and sedges, to gnarled bushes and then further on huge Pandanus trees. The Queensland plant book I have describes Pandanus as a small tree to 5metres.
We then headed on to Brown Lake, more seed collecting, some lunch and a stroll around part of the beautiful lake edge, before heading home on the ferry. There's so much to see on North Stradbroke, I'll need to plan some return trips for further exploring.

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