Friday, October 29, 2010

Shanghai Garden 2

The Bonsai Gardens at Shanghai's Botanical Gardens.

Yu Yuan Garden.

A street outside Yu Yuan Garden.

In the French Concession.
We visited the Botanical Gardens at Shanghai and were amazed by the Bonsai Gardens area. Hundreds of bonsai were displayed in large garden rooms that continued on and on, and when we thought we'd seen it all we spotted the 'nursery' area where hundreds more bonsai were kept on raised shelves. I can only imagine the cumulative years of growth (and labour) in all these plants.
We also visited Yu Yuan garden, founded in 1559, it now sits surrounded by bustling, jam packed, hole in the wall, tourist markets. It's a bit of a labyrinth just to find the entry for the gardens, but once within the old tile-topped walls, the gardens form a sanctuary of sorts. Still crowded, but in a far more serene way. The gardens are large with many garden rooms, various buildings, ponds and grotto lookouts. I enjoyed these gardens a lot, so much to take in. Finally a day spent wandering streets of the French Concession, where I watched some workers on bamboo ladders installing more cable.

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  1. We read about Yu Yuan Garden before visiting Shanghai but alas ran out of time and did not go. Thank you for sharing these Nicola, looks like a lovely quiet spot, the bonsai looks spectacular!