Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shanghai Garden

I've been in Shanghai for the last week, taking in sights (smells and sounds) of this interesting city full of contrasts. I was fascinated by the rope wrapped tree trunks and bamboo supports, evident on most street trees and large specimens in parks. Bamboo groves strapped horizontally with more bamboo, clipped hedges and colourful potted arrangements in median strips adding 'green' to busy streets.
I visited Yu Yuan Garden established in 1559; and Shanghai's Botanical Gardens, more on these shortly. I'm not sure what I expected before arriving in Shanghai, but one surprise was walking down a tourist cafe eatery strip in the suburbs, to find amongst the neon signs, menu boards and chinese lanterns, large specimens of exquisite potted bonsai.


  1. Lovely images Nicola. They brought back some happy memories of Shanghai and how the locals make use of their precious public gardens.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the bonsai.Photos look wonderful.