Thursday, December 9, 2010

Silhouettes of Redlands at Indigiscapes

I've always liked the idea of taking art beyond or outside of a traditional gallery when possible. I enjoy gallery exhibitions a lot, but the opportunity of engaging ideas and experiences with a wider audience than would perhaps visit galleries has appeal for me. So I was delighted when Redlands Indigiscapes Centre asked if I would be interested to display reproductions of paintings from my recent 'Plant-life' exhibition in the landscape of the bush trails surrounding the environment centre.

I liked the idea of seeing how the images would sit within a natural environment and it seemed so appropriate given many of the original works are inspired by settings like this and the work of bushcare volunteers in them.

The Silhouettes of Redlands artist's walk is on display from December 2010 to January 2011, with an accompanying guide and statements about each artwork. If you have an opportunity to take a walk in the trails over the next couple of months, Redlands Indigiscapes Centre is located at 17 Runnymeade Road, Capalaba.


  1. great idea - it would be equally nice to capture the reactions of viewers as they encounter the works....

    I look forward to seeing/ hearing more about the project

  2. Looks great Nicola. Do we get to see an image of each one?

  3. Wonderful Nicola, I love the idea! I would love to see more.....

  4. We walked the puddled Indig paths today. A scribbly gum has draped spent bark over your 12 panel piece and expected to see a dragonfly alight on your creek scene they all are marvellous. Thank you for sharing them in this bush space