Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nice Day! Creative Colleagues

Susan Buret, As the days shorten there is a last blaze of colour. Synthetic polymer on linen. ©2010.

Jenny Conde, Yellow to pink. Mixed media on paper. ©2010.

Uta Heidelauf, Rainfall pattern #2. Digital print. ©2010.

Candice Herne, Life's a bit like that. Archival pigmented digital print. ©2008.

Sandra Landolt, The weather house. Interactive kinetic sculpture. ©2008.

I would like to introduce my fellow artists exhibiting in Nice Day! at Logan Art Gallery. Susan Buret, Jen Conde, Uta Heidelauf, Candice Herne and Sandra Landolt have each created works in response to their interactions and thoughts on weather. The resulting exhibition presents a diverse range of creative explorations on how we think, observe and live with weather in it's many forms.
During the three year project leading up to this exhibition; the use of weather in conversation as a universally safe subject became apparent. Conscious observation was recorded against the subconscious periphery awareness of weather in our daily lives and activities. As the opening of Nice Day! approaches, I would doubt there is a person in Queensland, and possibly Australia, who hasn't consciously thought about weather this week and it's consequences.
Here's hoping for some nice days soon!


  1. No driving through flooded creeks or water over the road, on your way there and back.
    please and have a nice day.

  2. Thanks for a peak at whats going to be in the exhibition, I am really looking forward to seeing it. I will come that way as soon as this rain slows down!

  3. Thanks Nicola, looking good!Yes here's too some Nice Days!

  4. The exhibition looks so interesting with a great variety of artwork, I would love to come by if I live closer. I am hoping for some nice days for your area. Here's to a great show!

    I'm glad I found your blog, always a pleasure to visit and escape into nature with lovely photos and beautiful artwork. I have a prize for you on my blog.