Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art in Geelong - exhibition post

Nicola Moss, 'All that glisters is not gold'. Synthetic polymer on canvas. 120x180cm. ©2011. Photography by Carl Warner.

A few weeks ago I was delighted to speak with Deirdre Carmichael the writer of the blog - Art in Geelong. Deirdre was an art teacher for several years before making the leap into print publishing in 1993. Since then she has assumed various roles including writer, editor, illustrator, graphic designer and desktop publisher.

Deirdre established her Art in Geelong blog - "to promote the visual arts in Geelong and the surrounding areas of the Surfcoast, the Otways, the Bellarine Peninsula, and occasionally extending to Ballarat. The mainstream media give scant attention to regional arts, so it is up to citizen journalists, such as bloggers like myself, to fill the gap and get the information out there".

We had a chat about my current exhibition, Diamonds in my eyes, inspirations behind works and the overall theme. You can read Deirdre's post here. Thank you Deirdre for your time and thoughts on the exhibition.


  1. Your last entry, I liked your painting but today's has surpassed it.
    Today's is wonderful. I love the colours in it.

  2. It has the darker 'dirty' colours you like mum.

  3. lovely piece! and good to hear of other regional arty folk taking up the cause for regional arts.... blogging/social media etc CAN be a way to bridge the divide (and meet up with terrifically talented hard-working yourself) I'm surprised that there aren't more folk in regional areas taking up the blogging baton (something I've been talking to our local arts peeps about for a while now.... here's hoping something gets through soon) love seeing more of your stuff in here too!

  4. Thank you Ronnie.
    I agree it's a great way for regional arts to have a voice.