Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A day at Coochiemudlo

The weather has been brilliant the last couple of days, with clear blue skies, a light breeze and comfortable warmth. The bay waters around Coochiemudlo Island looked like silken fabric, very smooth and shimmering. There was lots to see with the Bushcare Birders group this morning. The large Sea Eagle below was a stand out for me, so majestic.
Azure blue crabs moved across the low tide sand flats in large formation groups, if I got too close for a photo they ducked into holes in the sand.

And tiny frogs were spotted in the undergrowth of the Melaleuca Wetlands.


  1. wow - what a fabulous looking place! very inspiring (I'd love to get up close to one of those azure crabs...)

  2. Thanks for sharing what looks like a wonderful wander on the island. Must get there one day and do that myself! Nice little break to my monotonous working day.

  3. Took a minute but I found the frog. See you soon.