Thursday, April 14, 2011

I went to the woods..

Nicola Moss, 'I went to the woods'. Synthetic polymer on canvas. 120x120cm. ©2011. Photography by Carl Warner.

It's two days till my next solo exhibition Diamonds in my eyes opens at Salt Contemporary Art. I'm looking forward to seeing all the works together in the beautiful open space of the gallery. It's been an odd time the last couple of weeks, works were completed and shipped down for the show, but then the wait until they are actually hung. I've cleaned out the studio and begun gathering inspiration for new works, I think I'll be more motivated once the show opening has passed.

'I went to the woods' was inspired by several visits to Kidd Street Conservation Reserve, a wonderful, wild area of bushland with striking grass trees, large hollow scribbly gums, banksias and she oaks. There is a palpable energy to the place which I've tried to suggest in this painting. It's a place I will keep returning to, I feel like there is unfinished business there, when I think about it I've really only scratched the surface.


  1. Break a leg Nicola, I'm sure the exhibition will go well. Your blogs are so informative and an inspiration.

  2. Best wishes for the show Nicola. Would love to see installation shots of the work. Hope you have heaps of fun at the opening!