Sunday, April 10, 2011

What if plants had facebook pages?

Pawpaw - (Carica papaya)

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Steely. (Old English Game breed)

Other friends include the big spider that has strung a web between this Pawpaw and Bay tree catching insects at night and sleeping? curled up in a leaf by day. All manner of insects, beetles, bugs, worms, grasshoppers and flies in the litter below and leaf canopy, making homes in the gaps between swelling fruit. Me, I love the perfume of pawpaw flowers and the fruit on occasion, mostly the chooks get to eat it, and the flying foxes, another friend.


  1. hee hee heeee! what about fb interests? groups? causes?... I'm imagining its status update..."feeling fruity and juicy"? hee hee heee

  2. Thanks Ronnie, love your response. I played with the idea of setting up an actual facebook page for people to *like*, but where would it end, maybe that's the whole idea, everything is connected.


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