Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silent Spring

I've been a little quiet lately with posting here, but the weather has been so brilliant that any spare time not working in the studio is being spent outdoors in the garden. Sowing seed of broad beans, climbing podding peas, beetroot, parsnip and carrot, transplanting self-seeded lettuce to beds where they won't be accidentally trampled, and mounding up soil around new potato plants, so much to do and I haven't even mentioned the 'W' word. (weeding)

I've been reading a lot too, mainly about ecology and environment, weeds, and the origin of species. The book that has my full attention at the moment though is Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. First published in 1962, it's been incredible when reading to realise just how pertinent and relevant it remains today nearly fifty years on. I have to wonder what the author would make of genetically modified foods developed specifically for human consumption. Many books I have read reference 'Silent Spring' but I just hadn't got around to reading it. In a very clear and unemotional way the book reminds me why I don't like to use chemical sprays in the garden and how we are inexorably linked to the food chain of other species.

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