Friday, June 17, 2011

In the studio

There is a lot happening in the studio at the moment, with a couple of commissions on the go, an upcoming Paperworks exhibition to complete work for and ongoing development of works in the weather project. Deadlines certainly make work happen, actually I like deadlines to work to, they help me prioritise.
I have been paper cutting, detail above, a work inspired by the intertidal zone of mangroves. And thinking about the way this process relates to my past printmaking studies, the composition needs to be worked out before the first cut is made, what will be positive and negative space, dark and light, contrast and texture, it's quite abstract in a way, and not unlike developing a plate for printmaking. But this will be a one off. Must get back to work...


  1. Thanks Nicola for the update on what you're working on, its lovely to be able to keep up with what everyone is doing.
    I too love mangroves and look forward to seeing your finished works.

  2. Hey Nicola - Beautiful work! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog...I'm happy to join yours, too!