Friday, June 17, 2011

Out of the studio

I love getting outdoors to work on site, and even when things get a little hectic, like at the moment, I keep the date. I find these days so refreshing, with so much to see, the details, textures, smells and sounds of place can envelop me while I work.

I start each trip with a few notes in my visual diary:

11am - Low tide - the water is the furtherest out I have ever seen it. Large areas of mangrove mud, shell grit ripples from tidal currents and exposed red volcanic looking rock. The sky is clear cerulean blue without a cloud. Stunning!
Tree trunks are silver-white, sunbaked and starkly beautiful against the deep blue sky. Bird calls, waders in the shallows, curlews at the cafe. Oyster shells encrust the random rocks, deposits of past life. Large sandbars of broken rock stretch out into the bay waters with clusters of mangrove trees supported or supporting the bar. There is so much life here.
Yes, these days feel special.

I came across a blog this week recording the journey and works of a group of artists on a trip to Western New South Wales. Interesting reading, and inspiring, enough for me to start making plans for an art camp trip of my own.


  1. thanks for the lovely link ( I'll read in a bit more length when I get back from my uni visit) I love reading about others artists journeys and working processes....

    I'm such a stay-at-home girl that I find reading about other artists trips to strange new lands really fascinating.... yet I usually see such a similarity in dealing with site.... I suppose that whilst I'm dealing with the same site over a long time, I feel that there is still so much for me to discover and understand (I will never tire of my little part of the world)....

  2. Hi Ronnie, I think there is a lot to be gained from observing one place over a longer period of time, a deeper understanding of the intricacies and perhaps a greater awareness of change, microcosm reflecting on the larger picture. Projects have taken me elsewhere, but home is where I started and could easily return my focus to.

    One of the aspects that excites me about art camps is the interaction with other artists. A short opportunity to see how others approach process, discuss ideas and respond to a place.

    Enjoy your uni visit.

  3. Hi Nicola,
    Thanks so much for this link, it was really inspiring. How exciting if you organise an art camp trip...would be great to spend time with other artists and see their working methods. Makes me want to sketch!
    Your paper cuts are truly amazing, hope your fingers aren't too sore!