Saturday, June 4, 2011

therefore I am...

'Eat-Rain' from the Integral Parts of Therefore I am series, Nicola Moss, 2011.

I mentioned in an earlier post I'd been reading about ecology, relationships between species and our (humans) place in the scheme of things. It's affirmed many thoughts I had and hit a few nails on the head for me. An afterword by Linda Leer (1998) in Rachel Carson's book, Silent Spring, really hit home. The quote goes along the lines of..." (the author) did so with no other motive than her own immense love of the living world, and with the romantic and perhaps naive belief that if the public were made aware of the wonder and mystery of life, they would have less appetite to destroy it."

The word naive went off like a gong in my head, there goes my painting I thought. I have on many occasions spoken and painted about the beauty of the natural environment, though really for me it is the sheer fecundity of nature that I find incredible, ugly is beautiful as well. All those lives, the trees and plants, billions of trillions of creatures going about their business, each unique and exquisite; exchanging with us fresh air and water, providing all of our food, cleaning up the decomposing carcasses of spent life to make get the picture...I mean WOW! Isn't the living world incredible? I walk outside and it's there to be seen, everywhere.

And yet is this not enough to convince a majority of humans to respect, protect and cherish this life around us which we are part of? (I'll get off my box now).

For the past month I've been making a series of works on paper, Integral parts of therefore I am, thinking about intelligence and being 'civilised'. The works depict connected elements within my ecology and relationships to environment. I don't believe any amount of intelligence or technology can remove humans from the basic parameters of biology and ecology. Life gives life.


  1. couldn't agree more.... much of my current thinking/making has been about what it is to 'know' things..... and how all the book knowledge in the world aint going to feed you! knowledge in the form of experience - understanding place, understanding environment, knowledge of how to grow and harvest your own food - well that's the important stuff.... so your lovely pic resonates on many levels with me...

  2. Great work and great writing Nicola. For me what you say applies not only to the bountiful earth, a source of constant wonder, that we inhabit but also, to those from other cultures with whom we share the planet.

  3. Thank you Ronnie and Susan for your thoughtful responses.

  4. It's unfathomably incredible. The beauty of the individual parts and the intricate complexity of the relationships between those parts. It's sad and horrifying to watch as human activities mow down swathes of that web. It's difficult to keep that awareness of that destruction in mind and not be overwhelmed by despair. Still, we have to do it somehow or we'd just give up and stop fighting?

    Anyway, your works are both wonderful and helpful to me in maintaining a balanced view of the environment.

  5. Thank you Chris, I appreciate your thoughts.