Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forest Kingfisher

On Tuesday I spotted a splash of vibrant turquoise and electric blue in the garden. Out with the binoculars quickly! and then the Birds of Australia Field Guide...a new variety in my garden, I always get excited with the first sighting. This beautiful bird is a Forest Kingfisher and for the last three days it has perched each afternoon in an overgrown area of the garden which I can see from my studio window. Occasionally it swoops down in the overgrowth, I'm sure it is finding a good feed. I've been recording bird species in my garden for five years, not in any systematic way, but whenever I see different species I make a note, and also the migratory regulars get noted when they arrive each year. It feels good to see the number and diversity of species gradually increasing.

1 comment:

  1. wow what a treasure! we live beyond the range of the forest kingfisher - but in the forest behind our farm I have spotted an azure kingfisher... it had a little mud hole cave/nest in the side of a creek bed and darted in and out catching 'things' on the wing.... the sun glistened on its almost iridescent blue wings... it was most exciting to watch (and I'm sure you are just as thrilled watching your kingfisher!)