Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An invitation to 'Paper Trails'

I have been looking forward to this exhibition for some time, 'Paper Trails' will be the fourth annual Paper Show at Art Piece Gallery. Nineteen artists are brought together to tell their separate stories, united only by their love of paper, its malleability and versatility.

Artists showing works in the exhibition are Julie Millner Barratt, Susan Buret, Sue Codee, Michelle Giacobello, Sarah Harvey, Debbie Hill, Helen Hill, Sheridan Jones, Anita Lord, Kate Maurice, Shelagh Morgan, Nicola Moss, Jennie Nayton, Liz Powell, Jasmine Scheidler, Robyn Sweaney, Emma Walker, Oksana Waterfall and Christine Willcocks. Looking through these links, I'm sure it's going to be a diverse and intriguing exhibition.

I would like to extend you a warm invitation to the opening night on Friday 5th August at 6pm.


  1. thanks for all the lovely links - to lovely artworks.... good luck with the show - I'm sure it will be delightful! (mmmmm paper!!!)

  2. nicola your work is beautiful! i only wish i could attend the opening and see in the flesh, have a wonderful night and if you so feel maybe a glass for me! thanks.

  3. Hi Sheridan, Thank you, it's lovely to hear from you. Your work looks great in the show, I like the hummingbirds a lot.
    Happy creating!