Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's not my favourite activity, writing statements, bios and press release statements, but one that constantly needs updating and fresh thinking. It's funny how thoughts can roll out freely on a blog or in notes in visual diaries, but once I try to put the words into formal formats... oh boy, it all seems very self conscious. I've contributed to a few proposals and statements for group exhibitions and collaborative projects, even this seems easier when it's not just about moi!

This morning I was happy to read Joanne Mattera's post on writing for artists, with a clear description of what you might include in the various formats of statements, bio, etc. Some good tips on what to leave out too, otherwise it's really just practice, like most things the more you do it, hopefully, the better the results.

Thank you Joanne, your Marketing Monday posts are always helpful.

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  1. I KNOW what you MEAN! (sigh) I think as artists we prefer for our creations to do the talking for us... (sigh) but sometimes (more often than many of us would like I suspect) there's just no getting away from the dreaded task..... (sigh)...