Friday, October 14, 2011

The charm of Montsalvat

There is a rustic charm about Montsalvat that glows in the rays of sunshine on a day like today. Everywhere I look there are crafted artisan elements incorporated into the buildings and surrounds. An obvious love of pattern has been imbued by the creators.
I am staying in Sue's Tower, a small room above the archway with a narrow staircase that has a few of us thinking of Rapunzel.
Peacocks roam the grounds with a male occupying each courtyard area, displaying his finery of feathers like an elaborate bridal gown train. Once heard their call is hard to forget, somewhere between the sound of a crow and cat comes to my mind.
There is much inspiration to be found here, with each day revealing a little more of the subtle intricacies of the place.
Images below.

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