Friday, October 21, 2011

Day trip to Melbourne

I took a day trip into Melbourne city to check out a few exhibitions. First stop was the NGV Ian Potter Centre, but before I got in the door I had to admire the giant baby - 'Angels Demons' sculpture in Federation Square and along Swanston Street. Installed as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, the sculptures were installed by the avant garde Russian arts collective AES+F.
I took in all of the exhibition spaces at NGV, progressing from a fabulous display of indigenous shields, through colonial works to contemporary exhibitions, including a selection of Fred Williams landscape paintings, a curated exhibition - '10 ways of looking at the past', and two great collections of indigenous desert paintings. So much to see, with several stand out works and many recent acquisitions to the collection that I hadn't seen before on display.
A new work by Rosslynd Piggott had me entranced, I have seen only a few of Rosslynd's works in the flesh, but have liked every one of them. She has a wonderful aesthetic that resonates with me, not to mention her exquisite command of the mediums used. "Unfolding flower - cloudscape no.2' is the recent acquisition that caught my eye.
The afternoon was taken up with a tram trip to Fitzroy and wanderings along Gertrude and Smith streets, taking in several commercial gallery exhibitions and a stop of for some more canvas. A great day all round.
Image of one of the Angel Demon babies above, I was thinking more hybrid dinosaur.

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  1. I'm glad to see you had a good day in Melbourne and Fitzroy. Thank you for introducing me to Rosslynd Piggott ....beautiful work.