Monday, October 10, 2011

In residence

Well it's one week into my residency at Montsalvat with fellow artist and collaborator, Susan Buret, and I have to say I am now completely enamored with the whole immersion and focused atmosphere of the simple words, I will be very keen to do more!
Still getting the hang of iPad posting, if any apple lovers out there have tips on a good image sizing app? I'd love to hear from you :-)
With so few distractions and focused attention on one project, work is developing at a great rate. The opportunity of collaborating in residence, means decisions can be made on the spot, ideas tossed around, thoughts tried and revised if need be. No emails, phone calls, mailed parcels and time lapsed's been great....and I think the works show the positive benefits.
Some images to follow shortly (hopefully).

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  1. As the other half of the team I have to agree! I had productive experiences at other residencies but this one is greatly enhanced by the collaborative process and we have been able to produce some amazing works that would have been tactically impossible with only one pair of hands.