Monday, October 24, 2011

An other place

Wedding activities throughout the weekend at Montsalvat, continued into Sunday. With more peering through windows, statements of..'there's an artist in there'...and one lady pushing so hard against the glass I thought she might fall through. I thought to myself thankfully for not being born a zoo animal.
Montsalvat is other worldly, a combination of buildings that have the look of being taken from medieval, French and rustic slab and daub influences. Visitors love the romantic rustic charm which photographs so well (clearly they are not looking closely at the more practical side of residing here). Male peacocks strutting their stuff in each courtyard and open space only add to the exotic nature of the place. Even better if they are clambering on the roof top ridges, an activity generally reserved for evening, and trying to outcall one another.
The knife in the bottom of the 'ornamental pond no swimming'-ie. the crystal clear pool - continues to fascinate visitors who spot it, raising the eternal question, Why is there a knife in the pool? ( The event that lead to this will remain on residence, so to speak), but anyway, all these weekend activities got me thinking about what catches people attention, an ordinary item in an unexpected place, and the sense of other, something real but out of place.
I've started painting for my next exhibition which will be on show at Salt contemporary art in Queenscliff at the end of December. The influence of Montsalvat is clear to see, this place is not like any other I have spent time in and the other worldly will be a feature.
Images of workin progress coming soon.


  1. lovely to read of your experiences.... I'm trying to imagine the male peacocks..... but I think its one of those things that has to be experienced 'in the flesh'.... good luck with the developing work

  2. wow!been following your great experience and am very impressed. Keep up the good work, good luck for your upcoming show.

  3. Thanks Ronnie and Jack, I've enjoyed reading your responses.