Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Before I start talking about focus, have a laugh at my pink socks...I have.

So...Focus. When asked before leaving for my residency at Montsalvat, what it was that I hoped to achieve, or 'What are the benefits of a residency' opposed to working in  my own studio; one component of my answer was a reference to the focused time I thought I would experience. The absence of home chores to a large degree and working on one project are ways that I thought my time would be more focused. By the end of the residency I noted other circumstance that created a focused atmosphere. There was no TV or radio at Montsalvat, I don't watch much, but this was nothing and I have to admit I didn't miss it. As residents we provided our own internet access, which lead in part to reduced usage, but really we were just so busy - perhaps fulfilled is a better word, with making our works that checking emails, etc during the day just didn't happen. What I noticed is how productive we were, how much work was achieved when our focus was on process and making.
Administration of an arts practice can chew up large amounts of time, checking emails throughout the day at home, generally leads to more time sitting in front of the screen. It's about discipline really and the obvious realisation, or confirmation, that the world doesn't end if I look at my emails once a day. I am bringing this appreciation of focus home to the studio and look forward to more productive use of my studio time...even a balance somewhere between the before and during residence would be beneficial.

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  1. I know JUST what you mean! I often find certain areas suck up far too much of my time (oh the naughty pinging email - it's just so demanding!) and take away my time in the studio... I'm going to get a whole lot more disciplined about the time lost to the computer, the TV and the mishmash of trivials that eat into my studio time.....