Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not so fast

We all know time is constant and we each have the same amount each year, but still it is often said, and heard, how quickly the year has passed and how it just seems to get quicker. I had to rethink this recently though, when reminded of an exhibition that took place in January this year. It seemed like such a long time since the opening and workshops, but it was this year. It seemed incompatible - an event at the start of this year feeling a long time ago and that the year had passed quickly.
 I've been thinking about it and concluded, that it's not so much time passing quickly, more that we fit so much in to our lives (or try to), often at a frenetic pace, and this in part is what gives the illusion of time passing's all the go, go go! Perhaps the year passing is not fast, just choc-a-block full with little time for relaxing. So I'd like to wish everyone the enjoyment of some chill out time over the festive season.

Reflecting on 2011, it's been fun and full and slightly more balanced than the one before. I'd like to thank everyone who shared their time and experiences with me. Big thanks to my husband, first time ironman and all time supporter, recipient of two husband of the year awards in 2011 (I am slightly bias :-) All my family, it was great to catch up with you throughout the year. know who you are, thanks for the gallery going, openings support, residency collaboration, garden advise, french dinner, weather watching, beach walking, art making, seed sharing, bird listening, ideas thinking, philosophy, side line cheering, hiking, blog posting, photo taking, gift giving, shared food and all round good times.
Thank yous too to the gallery directors and staff who have shown, supported and encouraged my artwork in 2011.

Wishing you a merry festive season and all the best for 2012.


  1. big festive wishes to you nicola! its been lovely watching your exploits in blogland xxx

  2. Thank you Ronnie, I've enjoyed our blog conversations. Wishing you wonderful farm creek family festivities.

  3. I love the image!

    Curious thoughts about time. It seems to me that our subjective interpretation of duration is influenced by how long we've lived; it's as though we perceive a unit as a quotient of our entire lives. An hour is a much larger percentage of a year than it is of, say, 59 years. That means I can explain why a year seems to fly by; it's the sum of many smaller quotients than it was, say again, 58 years ago.

    Which doesn't begin to explain why, looking backward, the years seem longer! I expect you're right about that.

    Anyway, here's wishing you and yours wonderful holidays that include some relaxing times.

  4. Oh! Ironman that is an achievement So Fit!! Hear my gasp! Something I have neglected isolated here in the woods. Ah next year I say! Time?? I recently bought a photograph depicting a small knight on his horse with joust in hand standing off against a large vintage alarm clock by Sandra Landolt. To me it represented the idea that we are all fighting against the clock. And the clock will always win. Having children creates another view and look at time. My body clock seems to beat to their rhythm. Not only do you fill time with your own wants and needs, however their are in my case two other time schedules to coordinate into my own time schedule. Most times it has to be like a Military operation to achieve the smallest thing. It's all fun and games. I remember the saying you can sleep when your dead. There is so much to see and do and so little time! My old saying 'the more you do, the more you do' Love Life! Merry Christmas Nicola! Here's to finding more time next year and less housework. Candyxx

  5. Hi Chris, I'm sure you are right about our perception of time being related to our age. Gets me thinking about memories too and if we start compressing information to fit more in.
    Have a lovely break over the new year.

  6. Hi Candice,
    Sandra's work sounds great, no doubt it's a whole different ball game when kids are in the time equation. Love life indeed, I couldn't agree more. When I see activities you are up to with the kids it always looks like so much fun, time well invested.....much better than the housework!
    Enjoy a wonderful Christmas.