Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Microcosm - Cradle Mountain National Park

There are many aspects to Cradle Mountain, the rugged peaks and panoramic views are prominent, but there is an amazingly delicate and fragile world of life too, with many interesting endemic plants.
It's everywhere really when you look, moss and lichen laden tree branches create enchanted forests with minute ferns and alpine flowers below. It was on the high plateau trail, a relatively flat area stretching between peaks, that I became conscious of feeling like there were a million worlds in that one place. Each pool a myriad of jostling patterned ground covers, filling tiny niches in almost jigsaw like precision.
I had to keep stopping and looking, with so much to see spread out across the ground, textures, colours, shapes....I could have spent so much time here.
If you have a chance to go....go!

And wombats, lots of them, roaming wild, mostly looking like furry boulders, munching on grass. I was so glad to see them. This one was wandering around our accommodation.

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  1. Beautiful vegetation Nicola. I'm always surprised at the similarity between alpine vegetation and corals and sea vegetation.