Friday, February 3, 2012

A trip to Coochiemudlo Island

 I headed over to Coochiemudlo Island yesterday with Jude for a day of working outdoors. The weather was pleasant with light cloud and a breeze to cool us. Walking along the jetty at Coochie, some blue jelly fish could be seen in the shallows, as we moved back towards the deeper water the numbers increased with a constant flow headed east under the jetty. The beautiful aqua and turquoise blue colours were a bit mesmerizing. We headed off along the beach, finding several washed up on the sand.
This morning I was on google trying to identify the species, and instead came across this interesting article about research led by CSIRO Climate Adaption Flagship and University of Queensland scientist, Dr. Anthony Richardson. Numbers of jellyfish appear to be on the increase due to a combination of pollution, overfishing and climate change, with ecological consequences.

 The coast walk around Coochie is beautiful on low tide with lots to see in the rock pools and tide lines.

Unfortunately the shopping bag I had with me was filled with plastic rubbish before I'd made it to the end of Norfolk Beach, there were several items I couldn't fit and carry with me. Last week I joined an Earthwatch program on North Stradbroke Island, 'Turtles in trouble', with research scientist Dr. Kathy Townsend investigating the impacts of plastic waste on marine turtle species. I'll post more about this separately, the day has left a lasting impression - plastic doesn't 'go away'...ever.

Back to the beautiful day, settled in a shaded spot under some mangrove and the fallen flowers of native hibiscus, I made some plein air work inspired by the leaf canopy. Listening to the soft ripple of an incoming tide and looking up as the shadow of the local Sea Eagle passed over....bliss.

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