Monday, April 2, 2012

On Art Camp

I spent last week at North Stradbroke Island with a group of fellow artist, for an immersive week of 'art camp'. It was an inspiring time with beautiful locations, lots of creating and good company...making for interesting conversations at the end of each day.
The images above of rock, sea and plant, give only a tiny hint to the diverse range of environments and life forms found on the island and within the surrounding waters. It was very much a case of visual overload on some days, with challenges to focus or pare back to a selected interest. We visited Brown Lake, Amity Point with it's expansive sand bars at low tide; Point Lookout gorges with fabulous pandanas, the rock pools at the end of Deadmans Beach, Flinders Beach, Dunwich and Myora mangroves, to mention a few locations.
The week of working plein air, observing and recording forms part of my Redlands project - With or without - this year. Continuing on from my previous Redlands Plant-Life project, I have set my focus on Moreton Bay and Bay Island environments, with an emphasis on conservation and waste management; What do we choose to live with or without? (More on this shortly).
In the mean time I am back home in the studio sorting through the sketches, drawings, paintings, imprints and frottage work, collected rubbish, photos, diary entries and memories. There's plenty of work to be made, deciding on the stories I would like to tell is where I'll begin.

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