Saturday, April 28, 2012

Out of the studio

There has been so much happening this month, I've not been sure where to begin with posts. So I'll start with this recent and regular visitor at home, a Brahminy Kite, (I think). Most days for the past three weeks I've enjoyed watching this bird gracefully soar on air currents with what appears like little effort. Slight movements in the angle of it's tail feathers resulted in smooth loops over the native scrub around the house. On occasions the resident magpies would try to assert their territorial space, a bit of a David and Goliath situation as far as scale was concerned. We've had a lot of large grasshoppers (locust) in the garden this year and this is what I think the Kite caught as it swooped feet outstretched against the outer branches and tree tops outside my studio.


  1. I love raptors - I don't believe we have this species down here (we have the white bellied sea eagle - years ago a breeding pair made a nest in on old tree here at the creek.... ) I have a lot of empathy for the maggies (proving conclusively and repeatedly that size doesn't matter hee hee hee)..... ps down this way we've had an abundance of black field crickets this year..... all that rain eh