Monday, May 21, 2012

Life on the edge - Caught in the flow

'Life on the edge - Caught in the flow' ©2012.Nicola Moss. Acrylic, natural ochre, charcoal frottage, rice paper, hand cut papers.

Warning! I am about to do a bit of trumpet blowing of my own...

On Friday night I attended the opening of the Moreton Bay Region Art Awards and was thrilled to win one of the acquisitive awards with my artwork pictured above. I felt very honoured to receive the award.
'Life on the edge' is a series of works I have been making focused on coastal environments around Moreton Bay and the bay islands. Many posts here have featured images from the site visits I make and my responses to environment. These works try to bring together many of these experiences and hint at our relationship to the natural heritage values of our region.

Ross Searle judged the award this year and made some lovely comments about the work: "This fascinating paper stencil work melds traditional landscape practices with influences of Asian art. The subtle use of silhouette to reveal the coastal landscape of Southern Moreton Bay is subtly evocative of Japanese woodblock printing. Stylistically, Moss' mode of working is influenced by her studies in printmaking. Her art works are characterised by the use of silhouetted forms and fine tracery effects. The overall image is reminiscent of traditional Japanese and Chinese landscapes. This is an outstanding example of this artist's creative practice."

The Moreton Bay Region Art Awards are on show at Pine Rivers Art Gallery, Strathpine, until 27th May, 2012.

I would like to sincerely THANK Moreton Bay Regional Council for hosting these awards and providing a wonderful opportunity of support and recognition for artists in the region.
In the near future I will be researching and making plans for travel and study in Japan, a place I am yet to visit, but one which people often refer to in relation to my work....Thank you!


  1. Congratulations Nicola. A well deserved effort. I too can see a Japanese sensibility.You will love Japan!

  2. Hi Ronnie and Jack, lovely to hear from you, Thanks!

  3. That's wonderful News Nicola! Congratulations! I'd love to go to Japan one day.

  4. Hi Nicola, I was there on Friday night, and before I even got through the door I was excited by your work...I just love the mangroves. Congratulations you deserve it... it was an exquisite piece of work! Cheers Dianne

  5. Thank you Candice! So looking forward to hearing more about your outback experience.
    Happy creating :-)

  6. Hi Dianne, Thank you so much for your lovely comment.