Thursday, July 5, 2012

Out of the studio

Gymea lilies are flowering outside my studio window at the moment. The first image was taken on the winter solstice and the second yesterday. It's been wonderful watching honeyeaters dipping into the flowers for nectar the last week. They are very flighty whilst exposed on the flower tops, quickly darting back into the cover of a nearby tree. This image was taken through the window flyscreen so it's a bit fuzzy. In the vegie garden it's birds galore with Willy Wagtails, Fantails, Silvereyes, Wrens, Double-barred finches and my first sighting of a beautiful Eastern Spinebill in the garden. The Brahminy Kite still visits a couple of times a week and the Brush turkeys have started making expeditions in the garden again. It's a lovely time of year to be outside in the garden.

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